The cluster

Robotics Place, excellence in Robotics and Drones in Occitanie (SW of France).

Robotics Place brings together companies, research laboratories and high-schools of the robotics and drones sector to develop collective responses to technological and economic challenges of today and tomorrow.

Created in 2012, Robotics Place is the first robotics cluster in France. It contributes to the development of the regional robotic and drone sector in France and internationally.

Main en robotique - Robotics Place
  • Industrial Robotics

    Industrial robotics includes all the automated systems used to manufacture products on industrial or artisanal production lines, in factories or assembly workshops.

  • Service Robotics

    Service robotics, as opposed to industrial robotics, include everything else, such as humanoid robots for reception, telepresence or assistance, robots for surgical intervention, domestic robots, educational or logistics robots, autonomous vehicles like unmanned ground vehicle, autonomous sailing boats or autonomous underwater vehicle, toy robots and, in general, any physical device with the ability to respond autonomously to its environment whatever the situation.

  • Drones

    Drones are flying machines, either autonomous or semi-autonomous, which can take the form of aircraft, or a kind of helicopters with from 1 to 8 rotors, sometimes more. Drones can be used to transport packages, make films or photos, measure open spaces, monitor, control, rescue … applications multiply and grow every day.

2020 goals

The group strength to create innovative robotics solutions to serve human beings.

Robotics Place is dedicated to generating and stimulating collaborative research and development projects implementing the new technologies resulting from research to create products of our daily life in the years to come.

Meeting the needs of companies, whether industrial or service, by pooling the best of each of our members is the goal of the Robotics Place project. It is by putting in place a dynamic of co-operation among our members that we help them to give the best of themselves for the good of all.

Robotics is a global market. Robots that are designed in Occitanie are sold everywhere. Robotics Place wants to accompany its members to develop internationally.

At the same time, the needs and ideas of new robots in the world exceed the capacity of our region alone, so Robotics Place aims to welcome foreign companies and to develop partnerships with them in order to be at the center of the robotic dynamics.

Because robotics provides solutions to problems of workplace hazards, musculoskeletal disorders, pain, it is a hope for many companies. But because it is involved in new areas, sometimes in homes, or because some believe it threatens jobs and even humanity, Robotics Place also works on the ethical aspects and acceptance by users.

Robotics Place priorities for action are :

  • Federating professionals in robotics and drones to accelerate technological developments

  • Coordinate the robotic ecosystem in the region and be the privileged interlocutor of public authorities and external companies

  • Communicate the values of our industry regionally, nationally and internationally

  • Contributing to the economic development of its members

  • Promote collaborative dynamics in R & D as well as in response to customer needs

  • Participate in the development and structuring of the sector at the national level

objectif 2020

The robotic and drones village

In order to concentrate resources and skills in robotics and drones, Robotics Place is working to create a dedicated site where the players in the sector can gather in an environment where they will benefit from means of testing, experimentation, demonstration and Shared and secure tests. Synergies may arise from proximity and the site will also be able to host an incubator and business hotel for start-up.

It will also be an ideal venue for companies from other regions and countries to develop in a favorable environment and create employment locally.

Robotics Town

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Very early, the cluster Robotics places wished to federate the vital forces of the Occitanie territory, while approaching, before official fusion, the actors ex Languedoc Roussillon. We controlled, in January 2016, the bringing together of the clusters of robotics and the drones at the national level to specialize each region of our sector and to be more effective on the level of our international visibility.

Lastly, on our territory, we want to be an actor of the operational performance for our companies by creating a new sector of the Intelligent Land Transport with clusters MIPIRAIL and AUTOMOTECH gathering a corresponding force to aeronautics and the space field.

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Your knowledge and our collaborative expertise to develop moreover great projects.


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Robotics Place, excellence in Robotics and Drones in Occitanie (South-west of France).

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