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ROV Expert

ROV Expert (MDC) is a SME founded in February 2017 and based in Beziers. ROV Expert is a sales & engineering company specialized in marine and underwater technologies and via its brand MDC Inter ( in tools and sensors for harsh environments in general. The companies 3 main activities are:
  • Sales, distribution & integration of top notch sensor, marine & submarine systems and subsystems (
  • R&D: development of bespoke solutions and production: fabrication and support of small and medium series of mini ROVs (, on demand inspection solutions for marine and harsh environments (underwater cameras, sonar inspection & monitoring, rugged tools and inspection solutions)
  • Robotics as a service: underwater and marine inspection systems and subsystems on a rental basis as well as maintenance of clients systems together with a wide network and team of professional sub-contractors, manufacturers etc

Adresse : 6 Rue du Coussat Servian, France

Tél : 0685350150

Effectif : 3

Compétences : Within 5 years ROV Expert has gained national and international recognition within all 3 activities: - ROV Expert is as of today on the the world’s 5 biggest Blue Robotics Distributors - The Bluerov2 by ROV Expert in various forms is used on 3 continents to inspect inshore infrastructure, aquaculture and offshore installations. - MDC Inter (the ROV Expert brand for its own products) rugged cameras and LED solutions are used all around the world in tunneling machines or within the mining industry. - ROV Expert offers a park of diver tools & sensor and Mini Rovs for special applications:

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