Robotics Place selects the best experts for you

Robotics Place gives you access to the best experts in its member network for complex projects. Due to the ever-increasing complexity of implemented technologies, a company does not always have the best experts in each field in-house: Robotics Place provides these experts within its cluster. Through its ability to make the best-performing members work in consortium, Robotics Place is able to offer you the best solutions for your needs.


Concentration of expertise

Robotics Place brings all the regional expertise of robotics and drones together. We are able to set up a consortium that brings together the best specialists in each field to meet companies’ needs.

Project management


In addition to unifying skills, Robotics Place is also responsible for coordinating project teams and managing end-to-end projects to ensure customer satisfaction.


Development of new bespoke robots

When you need a robotic solution that does not exist or is not 100% adapted to your needs, Robotics Place is here to create the robot that corresponds exactly to your expectations.

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