Alone we go faster, together we go further

The strength of our collective lies in the leverage of skills, contacts and opportunities. Robotics Place is a place where companies, research laboratories, schools and customers of robotics and drones meet, share and exchange in order to build the future. Henri Ford said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Robotics Place is a success.


Business opportunities

Thanks to its notoriety and its ability to unify expertise, Robotics Place is often solicited by customers who are looking for robotic solutions. These client projects are circulated among Robotic Place members in the form of an appeal for skills, and members are grouped into a consortium to carry out the projects.

Robotics Place is also present at major events to ensure prospecting on behalf of its members and pro-actively find new projects.


Event organisation - marketing

Know-how is widely spread among the members of Robotics Place, which is responsible for making it known. We organise conferences, shared exhibition booths and meetings with other regional organisations… All opportunities are capitalised on to promote the excellence of our members.



In a world where technologies evolve quickly, it is necessary to sometimes resort to partnerships. Thanks to its position at the heart of the regional and French robotics ecosystem as well as its many international relations, Robotics Place is able to find the best experts to meet these needs.


Regulatory/Technological/Market monitoring

Robotic Place members monitor announcements for calls for projects, tenders and technological and regulatory developments on a daily basis in order share their information so that they are even more efficient together.

In addition, Robotics Place organises meetings on the most innovative topics with research experts to anticipate new technological revolutions.


Roboticipation Programme

In order to anticipate needs and support changes, we initiated the “Roboticipation” project which aims to design and develop training courses and programmes for stakeholders in the industrial robotics sector:


Robotic Village and Drones

In order to concentrate the means and skills in robotics and drones, Robotics Place is working on the creation of a dedicated place where sector stakeholders can come together and benefit from testing, experimentation and demonstration resources as well as shared and secure trials. Synergies can arise from the proximity and the site can also host a business incubator, accelerator and hotel for start-ups.

It will also be an ideal site to receive companies from other regions and other countries so they can develop in a favourable environment and create local jobs. This site, called the “Robotic Village and Drones”, is located south of Toulouse in the Francazal-Bois Vert areas.

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