The collective strength to develop innovative robotic solutions at the service of men and women.

Robotics Place, the energy catalyst


Robotic Place’s mission is to generate and stimulate research projects and collaborative developments by implementing new technologies from research. Our objective is to create products that will revolutionise our everyday life today and for years to come.

The aim of the Robotics Place project is to meet the needs of businesses, whether they are industrial or service companies, by bringing the best of each of our members together. By putting in place a dynamic competition between our members, we are able to help them give the best of themselves for the good of all.


Robotics is a global market. Robots designed in Occitania are intended to be sold everywhere. Therefore, Robotics Place intends to support its members to develop internationally.

At the same time, the needs and ideas of new robots in the world exceed the capacity of our region alone, so Robotics Place aims to welcome and develop partnerships with external and foreign companies so as to place itself at the centre of world-wide robotic dynamics.


Robotics provides solutions to address issues of work-related dangers, musculoskeletal disorders and hardships, therefore making it the hope of many companies. In addition, Robotics Place also addresses the ethical questions that new developments may raise, even in the home, notably in regards to the misconception that these new technologies pose a threat to employment and humanity itself. Indeed, Robotics Place is active in user acceptance, and provides training on new production means for the purposes of implementing richer and easier working environments.

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