As a member

As a member

As a member

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  • Continuously improve the quality of our services and promote the regional robotics sector.
  • Each member of Robotics Place contributes to the perception that all our customers, partners and observers have of the robotics sector and of our cluster. We are part of a whole and within this whole we have the responsibility to make it more and more efficient.
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Business contribution

The Coopetition is our capacity to work in cooperation with other companies of the cluster, each one involving its strongest expertise. In the word ” Coopetition ” there is also the word competition which means that we also work together on common projects with companies that can be our competitors. Learning to work with our colleagues allows us to know better their strengths and expertise and often creates long term partnerships. Co-operation allows us to achieve more efficient solutions than working alone in our corner.


Event organization - marketing

Being part of a network such as Robotics Place also means being involved in the operations set up by the cluster. The strength of Robotics Place is the sum of the strengths of each of its members. The more our members mobilize to contribute to the cluster’s actions, the more effective these actions are and the more each member benefits.


Connecting people

Visibility is our ability to communicate our values and skills to potential customers. Robotics Place communicates about its members and relays their information. Each member must also communicate on Robotics Place to multiply our media impact. By adding the “Robotics Place member” logo to their website and to the signature of emails with a link to the cluster’s website, each member reinforces the reputation of our cluster. By displaying the “Robotics Place member” logo on their stands at trade fairs or mentioning their membership of the cluster in their press releases, our members contribute to the development of our sector.


Market / Technological / Regulatory watch

Sometimes we are confronted with customer requests that exceed our capacities. This is the ideal moment to think about mutualization, this is the moment when being part of a group makes sense. When we lack expertise, resources, or financial capacity, we can always call on the cluster to find, among the other members, those who will be able to complete our own resources.


Roboticipation Program

The cluster is a meeting place where everyone can share their experiences for the benefit of all. When a competitor fails on a subject, the whole sector fails. In a sector of activity such as robotics, where there are still so many solutions to be developed, so many customers to be convinced to equip themselves, each successful installation, each robot that solves a problem is an argument for the whole profession to promote its offers. The sharing of information between cluster members is beneficial to each of its members.

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