Robotics Place, an organisation serving regional robotics

Robotics Place brings together companies, research laboratories and schools from the robotics and drones sectors to jointly develop responses to the technological and economic challenges of today and tomorrow. Created in 2012, Robotics Place contributes to the development of the robotics and regional drone sector.

Robotics Place’s priority courses of action


Connecting robotics and drone professionals to accelerate technological developments


Coordinating the region’s robotics ecosystem and acting as the privileged interlocutor of public authorities and external companies


Communicating the values of our sector regionally, nationally and internationally


Boosting collaborative dynamics in both R&D and the response to customers’ needs


Contributing to the economic development of its members


Participating in the development and structuring of the sector at national level

Organisation of the collective

The hubs Training Needand Uses Hub Research Hub Technologyproviders Hub Roboticsde service & drônes intelligence artificielle RoboticsIndustrial
The SBU The SBUs, Strategic Business Units, represent the 3 sectors of robotics that are at the heart of the creation of Robotics Place. They bring together the companies that design, install and operate robots and drones.

The Hubs

The Hubs are the indispensable components of the SBUs to make Robotics Place a place of co-construction and harmonious and efficient development of the new robotic solutions of tomorrow.

The Cluster

The Robotics Place cluster is structured around 3 Strategic Business Units (SBUs): industrial robotics, service robotics and drones. To complete the organisation, 4 hubs assemble members who strongly contribute to the operation of the cluster: “Technological Providers”, “Research”, “Training”, “Needs and Uses”. The consistency and interactions between the members of these SBUs and hubs ensure the relevancy of the cluster.

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Research Hub

Thanks to ever-evolving technology, robotics benefits from the performance of the French research teams who are recognised as among the best in the world. The distinctive characteristic of robotics research means that it is close to the market, applications and many contractual industrial research projects. This hub brings together public and private laboratories and maintains the link with companies.

Technology providers Hub

Robot design requires much expertise (mechanics, electronics, software, design…) and this expertise can be found in specialised companies that intervene specifically in their area of expertise This hub is a pool of expertise in which we find resources for collaborative projects and bids to calls for tenders.

Need and Uses Hub

Robotics affects many trades and in the future all trades will potentially be related to robotics. The aim of this hub is to communicate to robotic professionals and users who want to see robotics develop outside any commercial process.

Training hub

In a fast-growing market, companies need to find more and more well-trained staff. This hub maintains the proximity of schools to companies, therefore making regular exchanges possible in regards to training needs, as well as providing opportunities for trainees, block release students and graduates to quickly find work in the robotics field.

List of members

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Members of the Board

  • Sébastien Nobiron SEMO - President
  • Jérémie Pedros Actemium Robotique Toulouse - Vice-President
  • Michel Taix LAAS CNRS - Vice-President
  • Pierre Maillet Zimmer Biomet Robotics - Secretary
  • Hervé Dorel Sterela - Treasurer
  • Laurent Denet IMERIR - Member of the board
  • Luc Truntzler Inbenta - Member of the board
  • Fabien Pollina Boreal - Member of the board
  • Marc Gouttefarde LIRMM - Member of the board
  • Dominique Mercié ERPO - Member of the board

Robotics Place is a founding member of FFC Robotique

The French Federation of Robotics Clusters 

Bringing together regional and thematic robotic clusters, the FFC Robotique was created in 2017.